TEDxGeo︎ is an anonymous, online-based network of future-looking artists, creatives, and innovators at the intersection of art, culture, and technology, announce an open call for like-minded speakers to present a brief online talk on a related future-looking subject of their choice.

this can be anything that pertains to technology and its influence in contemporary life. the speaker should have experience and knowledge in their chosen subject and be able to offer a unique perspective on the topic in a brief talk.

talk can be generated in any sort of media.

how is it related to the wrong?
it is an art project created by TEDxGeo and david quiles guilló for the next edition of the wrong︎.

what kind of format can i submit my talk?
all talks to be submitted must be internet friendly and belong to any digital format and beyond; video, image, sound, animation, immersion, reality augmentation, artificial intelligence, software related, systems related, or any mix of the above.

if your talk is digitally generated, assisted with AI and/or related to digital culture, but does not belong to any of the above; please submit. if you have any doubts, please do not.

do you have any talk guidelines?
yes, there is no need for talks inspired by traditional TED topics like news, entertainment, scientific research, politics, or social injustices. talks should not rehash existing conversations on thematics related to political crises, natural disasters, or humanitarian injustices, actual or past, even if you truly believe you are giving it a new twist.

priority will be given to talks that subvert the format now widely known as the TED talk—either by questioning and/or parodying the structures of authority in which the TED organization exists and operates (the western, feel-good pop-science meritocracy of advanced neo-liberal capitalism) or by subverting the format in which the platform grants authority, merit, or recognition to its speakers.

this is not a platform for self-promotion or sincere presentation of one’s own work or research.

in what format do i have to send my talk?
just write a direct link to the video you want to submit︎. youtube and vimeo will do. add title and name if you want to have it credited.

how do i know if my talk has been selected?
we’ll send you an email if your talk is selected. if it gets stuck in your junk mailbox, you will totally know when pavilion launches.

when can we see all the talks selected?
TEDxGeo pavilion will open on november 1st.2o19 and will close on march 1st, 2o2o.

what is the deadline to submit my talk?
you can submit now︎ and until the last day of the next edition of the wrong biennale, on march 1st, 2o2o.

what is the criteria to select the talks?
you are free to submit, we are free to select. no bad vibes allowed.

do i have to pay to submit or to exhibit if my talk is selected?
no. god no.

do i get paid if my talk is selected?
unfortunately no, we have no funding, so we have no way to pay for the talks we feature, but we also make no money doing this project. please join us in this contemporary nonsense.

how do you pay for it all?
we are working towards finding a viable way to financially support both your talking and our vices. hopefully we achieve it in a near future. for now we rely on old fair barter︎ 

my question is not here...
if you have many doubts, please send an email︎ for a quick one you can always contact via messenger︎

any last words?
let's keep it fun, positive, creative, constructive, whimsical and (actually) inspiring. challenge us, make us laugh, reimagine the future 

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